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About us

The Forum Fairer Handel is the association for fair trade in Germany.  Its goal is to raise awareness of fair trade, to see its shared demands on trade and politics met, and to achieve a stronger expansion of fair trade.  The Forum Fairer Handel views itself as the political voice of the fair trade movement in Germany and promotes fair basic conditions for trade and agriculture worldwide.  It is active in the areas of publicity, education, and campaign and advocacy work.  The Forum Fairer Handel organizes the annual Fair Trade Fortnight in Germany.

As the voice of fair trade in Germany, the Forum Fairer Handel promotes justice in trade on the international, national, and regional levels.

For decades, fair trade organizations have demonstrated that trade under internationally-defined fair trade principles is possible and commercially sustainable.  Collaborative and transparent trade conditions, democratic structures, and fair prices support and strengthen participating producers.  With PR and lobbying work, we can achieve the changes needed to make international trade (more) fair.

The activities of the Forum Fairer Handel are accompanied and advanced by four working groups:

The policy and politics working group

What are the criteria of fair trade?  How should compliance be monitored?  These questions are essential for the credibility and future of fair trade.  The policies and politics working group exchanges views on international developments in monitoring and certification.  They supply information on the principles of fair trade and organize discussions about fair trade standards in the Forum Fairer Handel.

The goal of fair trade is to actively promote justice in international trade.  The Forum Fairer Handel thus aims to use its political influence for the benefit of producers in the Global South and North.  To this end, the Forum Fairer Handel develops political positions in cooperation with participants in international fair trade advocacy work.  These demands are aimed at politics and conventional trade, particularly in Germany and Europe.

The Fair Trade Fortnight working group

The Forum Fairer Handel uses general, broad public relations work to increase awareness of fair trade in Germany. A particularly important part of this work is the Fair Trade Fortnight, the largest promotional week for fair trade in Germany, which is organized by the Forum Fairer Handel in cooperation with the national association of world shops and TransFair.  The Fair Trade Fortnight working group assists here in the development of themes, promotions, and communications.

The public relations working group

The Forum Fairer Handel raises awareness of fair trade using public relations measures agreed upon by its members.  The public relations working group develops common positions and enables an exchange of views by its members on publications and media efforts.

The educational working group

In fair trade, we see international connections in concrete, everyday products.  People should be motivated and encouraged to promote responsible consumption and changes in political and economic conditions.  The educational work of fair trade is performed by many participants.  In the educational working group of the Forum Fairer Handel, specific activities are agreed upon and educational work for fair trade is further developed.


The members of the Forum Fairer Handel are organizations that work exclusively in fair trade as well as organizations that see the promotion of fair trade as one of the main points of their work:

  • The fair trade importers GEPA – The Fair Trade Company, EL PUENTE, WeltPartner, BanaFair e.V. and GLOBO – Fair Trade Partner
  • Naturland – Verband für ökologischen Landbau e.V. 
  • Weltladen-Dachverband e.V.
  • Fair-Band – Bundesverband für fairen Import und Vertrieb e.V.

A broad network of partner organizations participate in the Forum Fairer Handel's working groups. Among them are aej, BDKJ, Brot für die Welt – Diakonie Deutschland, Misereor,  TransFair, die Konferenz der Fair-Handels-Beratung, INKOTA-netzwerk, die Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Eine-Welt-Landesnetzwerke (agl), die Servicestelle Kommunen in der Einen Welt, die Sternsinger, and die Verbraucher Initiative. 


Forum Fairer Handel is a member of the following organizations and associations:

Mitgliedschaften des Forum Fairer Handel

Contact person

Monika Gorkisch
Tel. 030 / 280 40 588

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